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„smart rooting“

About us

CleverPot is the name of the new company and that’s also the idea behind the product.

The propagation pot produced in Straelen will provide clever solutions for commercial horticulture.

The propagation pots are made from a peat/coconut mixture of the highest quality and stabilised with a binder. CleverPot is convinced that the properties of the basic material and the structure are decisive for the success of cultivation. The high air volume, which results in exceptionally good drainage, is also particularly clever and is especially successful in preventing the pots from getting wet in winter.

The high air capacity ensures that rooting takes place faster than in many other propagation pots. This saves valuable rooting time.

A new production line was built by Flier, the company which also manufactured the OmniSolutions equipment. The new production line was put into operation at CleverPot in December 2018. The offer includes trays with 45, 60, 84, 104 and 126 units.

Thomas Loy and his team are looking forward to the new challenges and at the same time are happy to continue to provide customers with a clever solution with local service from Straelen.

Fast rooting

Uniform insertion

Stable structure


Product overview

DesignationPlugs/TrayInsertion holes/PlugPlug ØPacking quantity/pallet
AP45 SH145146mm320 Trays
AP45 SH245246mm320 Trays
AP45 SH345346mm320 Trays
AP60 SH160138mm320 Trays
AP60 SH260238mm320 Trays
AP60 SH360338mm320 Trays
AP84 SH184130mm360 Trays
AP104 SH1104124mm360 Trays
AP126 SH1126122mm360 Trays

The products mentioned are standard variants. If required, special designs can be requested.

Propagation system

AirPlug – the airy propagation pot is produced exclusively from substrates of controlled and certified origin. The AirPlug pot consists essentially of white peat, coconut substrates and perlite, the mixing ratio of which is adjusted as required.

AirPlug can be adjusted with a pH value in the range of 5.0 – 6.0, the EC value between 0.5 and 1.0, depending on the requirements.

The pre-drilled insertion holes are available in various diameters and designs, so that the pot can be supplied to fit each genus or variety exactly. Two or three insertion holes per pot in the 45 and 60cm trays are well suited for combination plantings.

The insertion holes are usually filled with a fine insertion substrate, so that the cuttings have good ground contact. On request, the holes can also be supplied “open”. For the sowing area we also produce the AirPlug with a seed trough.

AirPlug is delivered in PS trays developed by and for us. These 530mm x 310mm trays are made of recycled material and convince by their high stability. The production process allows AirPlug pots for large-leaved plants to be ordered in partially filled trays.

AirPlug dries very quickly due to the high air content, but can be easily remoistened.

One system, many advantages

Fast rooting

The AirPlug ensures rapid rooting with a very good rooting rate. The airy structure provides an optimal microclimate and considerably reduces the risk of fungal infestation.

Uniform insertion

The pre-drilled insertion holes not only allow fast working without preparation, but also ensure an even insertion depth and good ground contact, as perforation is almost impossible. Different diameters, depths and filling variants of the insertion holes adapt ideally to the plants to be inserted. Seed troughs or several insertion holes per pot offer maximum flexibility.

Stable structure

The AirPlug’s rigid and airy structure convinces with excellent drainage properties. AirPlug maintains its size in both wet and dry conditions, hardly shrinks at all and does not expand noticeably. Further advantages of the AirPlug’s stable structure are excellent transport properties, even over long distances, without compromising its physical properties.

Product comparison

Product comparison of CleverPot and a comparable competitor’s product, same plant (variety), same processing, same planting day, same cultivation time.

Result: Higher rate of insertion during processing and, as you can clearly see, faster and more uniform growth.

We are pleased about this result. Find out for yourself.


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